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5 Best Esports Degrees and Jobs 2024

5 Best Esports Degrees and Jobs 2024

Esports is the art of playing games professionally against other skilled players. In recent years it has gained much popularity due to the rise in people interested in gaming and its streaming potential. But even then, in the eyes of many, it is still just a hobby and not something you do as a job or to make a career.

Well, that is where they are wrong, as with the growth of the industry, many high-ranking universities have started to offer courses and programs which help people get jobs in this field or even to become Pro-gamers. Some of the degrees offered in these fields are as follows.

Table of Contents
  1. Esports Management (BBA) - Shenandoah University
  2. Esports Degree (BSc) - University of North Dakota
  3. Esports Performance and Health Concentration (B.S) - University of New Haven
  4. Esports Business & Digital Marketing (BA Hons) - College of Esports
  5. Super Pro-Gamer Major (Associate Degree) - Tokyo College of Anime and Esports

Esports Management (BBA) - Shenandoah University

Figure 1-1. Shenandoah University

When it comes to degrees and higher-level education, one has many different options, ranging from medical to international relations. But all of these fields require specialization, but unlike them, Bachelor in Business Administration can be considered a jack of all trades in the area of business. And it is not a bad thing as you will need multiple different skills to ensure your business runs well, skills which are taught and polished while doing BBA.

Figure 1-2. Esports Management Degree at Shenandoah University

When this concept is applied to Esports, you get Esports Management. It is a type of BBA that focuses on every aspect of esports, ranging from simply playing the game to agency relations between players and the developers. One of the leading universities offering this course is Shenandoah University which offers a complete four years degree at affordable pricing.

Figure 1-3. Esports Manager Job Listing

Esports Management is also an ever-evolving degree, as it follows the current gaming trends and ensures that the students are fully aware of the current landscape and how it might evolve. But esports isn’t only about gaming anymore as with the industry’s growth, new jobs have appeared, such as team manager and esports event organizer. These jobs were created because the conventional ones could not adapt to the esports landscape, so getting a specific degree in this field can help you gain access to these lucrative positions, such as Esports Manager for Monster Energy which requires you to have a qualified degree in esports. Esports Management also helps change people’s perspective on esports from a mere hobby to a career. Eternal Return is one of the esports titles that benefit from players having this degree.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=900]
Figure 1-4. Eternal Return Gameplay

Eternal Return is a new spin on the MOBA genre, which combines it with a battle royale and survival mechanics. This results in intense matches with players fighting other players and NPCs solo or with a team. Combat is similar to other MOBA like Dota and League of Legends. Still, it differentiates itself by having an ever-changing pool of characters to keep the matches fresh and to prevent overly strong meta strategies from forming. Characters can also upgrade their abilities and gear by battling hostile enemies around the map and gathering crafting material. All of these mechanics come together to create a unique game that no doubt will continue to succeed as it has just entered its eighth esports season. And did I mention that the previous season had a prize pool of 3,000,000 KRW for the winning team.

Figure 1-5. Eternal Return Season 8 Banner

Esports Degree (BSc) - University of North Dakota

Figure 2-1. University of North Dakota

It is a well-known fact that esports is only used for tournaments and competitions about video games, which makes it so that the technology used for these endeavors is top of the line, along with a well-trained team to ensure the events go off without a hitch. But with the complexity of hardware and esports titles rising, traditional knowledge cannot keep up, which has resulted in the creation of an esports major in Bachelor of Science.

Figure 2-2. BS Degree of Esports at University of North Dakota

This degree is an entire four-year program that will expose students to every facet of esports, ranging from simply playing the game to searching current meta and how to formulate strategies against them. Compared to say BBA, it focuses more on the technical side, meaning it teaches the players how to play like a pro. Though every game is different, they still are part of a particular genre which results in many titles sharing the same fundamental mechanics.

Figure 2-3. General Esports Manager Job Listing

These fundamentals are taught to Esports Major in BS at the University of North Dakota, which has been helping new players get the proper education to pursue their dreams. They also have some of the best equipment to train players who want a future career in esports. And a bright future that is as we now have a multitude of different positions at companies solely for people who have studied esports, but if you are more inclined towards tournaments, then you can always show your metal and sign up for a Pro esports team like Evil Genius which is hiring people to manage and train their players. One of the best games for holders of this degree is Dragon Ball FighterZ.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1935]
Figure 2-4. Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest entry to the series’ massive fighting game catalog. It was developed by Arc System Works, which utilized its prior experience to create one of the most fun and authentic Dragon Ball game to date. It has over 40 iconic series characters, from Gogeta to Brolly. All of them have their signature moves recreated in the new engine. Characters are also quite balanced, making it the best pick for esports. And with the stable net code, it is also possible to play with your friends over wifi. It also had a massive prize pool of $80,000 in the world tour for whoever won. It is a must-play for any Dragon Ball fan or someone wanting to get into the esports scene.

Figure 2-5. Dragon Ball Fighter Z World Tour Banner

Esports Performance and Health Concentration (B.S) - University of New Haven

Figure 3-1. University of New Haven

There is no doubt that for many, esports and gaming, in general, is a very unhealthy activity as it requires you to spend hours on end sitting and playing. This can lead to many problems arising if the diet or routine of the player is not managed. But knowing what is best for esports players is a question that requires a deep understanding of esports. This led to the formation of another major in Bachelor in Science called Esports Performance and Health Concentration being taught at the University of New Haven.

Figure 3-2. Esports Performance and Health Concentration (BS) at University of New Haven

Whereas other majors relating to esports focus on gaming or its management, this major is based on ensuring that the students are taught about video gaming habits and how to improve player performance. It also includes courses on video gaming ethics, as not every action you take while playing solo can be considered morally just. For new players, this includes cheating and using different versions to get an unfair edge against the competition.

Figure 3-3. Esports Coach Job Listing

With this degree, students can pursue their dreams of being a part of esports teams, even if they lack the required skill to be a pro. This is because many of the highest-ranking teams will hire people to make sure their teams are in peak condition to take on any challenge. But pro teams aren’t the only ones, as even many colleges like to hire new graduates to teach and coach their students, like Virginia Mountain Gateway Community College, which has a listing for $5000 a month. One of the best titles to benefit from an individual with this degree would be Omega Strikers.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1848]
Figure 3-4. Omega Strikers Gameplay

Omega Strikers is a new game that has taken the esports scene by storm, as it only has a straightforward premise to make a highly complex and challenging genre easier and fun for the masses. This genre in question would be MOBA, like League of Legends. Omega Strikers follows the core mechanics of those games but lowers the scale of battle to just 3 v 3. This allows for quicker matches and requires less time for players to get to the action. The combat is similar as it is based on the character’s abilities, and you can pick any character you like. This can be combined to make it massively popular with players worldwide, especially college students, as many different collegiate have tournaments for Omega Strikers with prize pools starting from $1,500 to $2,500.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1978]
Figure 3-5. Omega Strikers Collegiate Tournament Banner

Esports Business & Digital Marketing (BA Hons) - College of Esports

Figure 4-1. College of Esports

As the industry has grown, it has become necessary to have specialists in specific fields to help manage the events and the teams. One of the most requested specialists in the industry is marketers who excel in the esports and gaming market. Compared to other industries, the video game industry requires marketers to have innate knowledge about the latest trends and community concerns about specific topics.

Figure 4-2. Esports Marketing Degree at College of Esports

This led to the creation of a degree specifically geared toward the industry called Esports Business & Digital Marketing, which is currently being taught at the College of Esports, an institute explicitly made to cater to students wanting to go into the esports industry. The College of Esports is a university that has partnerships with various institutions, including the University College of Osteopathy, British Esports, Sports Leaders, and General Sports Europe.

Figure 4-3. Brand Manager Job listing

This degree will have you study the industry's fundamentals and what makes it so appealing to people. You will also learn how to market tournaments or even teams to a highly opinionated market. This is no easy feat, as many of the core traditional marketing methods do not work and thus require the usage of out-of-the-box thinking. Job opportunities are also relatively abundant as it is not a saturated market. Opportunities range from marketing officer to lead brand manager, which is a vacant position at Bandai Namco at this very moment. One of the best games for holders of this degree is Shadowverse CCG.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1941]
Figure 4-4. Shadowverse Gameplay

Shadowverse is the poster child for Cygames as it is one of their largest franchises and the most profitable esports title with card collection mechanics. It does this by having a very easy-to-understand UI, which gives players all the information they need for card battling at a glance. The card game mechanics are also relatively easy to understand. With the cards being monitored all the time by the developers, you can rest assured that no overpowered meta will ruin your enjoyment. The art present on the cards is also phenomenal and also animated, which makes seeing them in action a treat. Shadowverse also held a tournament recently with a massive prize pool of $1,000,000 which shows how popular this title is.

[Image: shadowverse-tournament-1.jpg]
Figure 4-5. Shadowverse Rage banner

Super Pro-Gamer Major (Associate Degree) - Tokyo College of Anime and Esports

Figure 5-1. Tokyo College of Anime and Esports

It is no doubt that Japan has gained a mythical status among gamers due to it being the birthplace of many of the most popular titles in history, ranging from Nier to Chrono Trigger. It has cultivated a massive esports community and offers some of the best degrees related to gaming, like the Super Pro-Gamer Major at Tokyo College of Anime and Esports, which has been offering the best education for the past eight years. Additionally, Tokyo College of Anime and Esports also provides associate degrees that teach all the skills and arts necessary for esports merch production, esports shoutcasting skills (voice actor related major), etc.

Figure 5-2. Curriculum of Super Pro Gamer Degree at Tokyo College of Anime and Esports

This degree is catered according to the student’s needs, which depend on what he wants to do in the industry, from being a pro gamer to a tournament event organizer and host. It has the highest level of facilities among anime and esports-related colleges in Tokyo, and not only teaches game skills as a pro gamer, but also teaches everything to become a pro gamer, such as mental and physical training as an esports player, and team management skills. It even includes education about coaching skills which can be used after retirement as training resources.

Figure 5-3. Broadcast Engineer Job Listing

This versatility is the main reason it is considered one of the best degrees in the field. You can also gain access to many lucrative job opportunities, like a broadcast engineer who hosts live tournaments. One of the most famous esports titles related to this is Guilty Gear Strive. It is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works and one of the most popular esports games played by many pro gamers around the world in 2024.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1661]
Figure 5-4. Guilty Gear Strive Gameplay

Guilty Gear Strive is, in many ways, the thematic finale of the entire Guilty Gear franchise and is the best game Arc System Works has created to date. This claim is not without reason, as the combat has been refined to perfection by polishing the previous games' mechanics and adding newer ones that go hand in hand with the existing ones. Some old characters also appear with the new ones and have all their kits modified to ensure the balance is maintained. Coupled with the rock-solid net code, it is not surprising that it has gathered such an extensive esports following in such a short time. It was also one of the main events of EVO 2022, with a prize pool of $21,580.

Figure 5-5. Guilty Gear Strive EVO Banner

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