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farming art accessory accessories online bullet exp fatal sword bounty
[PvE] Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet Bounty,Exp,Accessory Farming
[This image is blocked to guests or users who haven't unlocked.]
(This method requiers the fourth DLC)To get all the bounty a equipment possible your going to need to get all your character slots to max lvl and 180 million bounty now that seems like that would take ages but if you did it with one character it makes it way easier for your others what you want to do is transfer good weapons and accessories with exp on them and transfer them to the slot you want to max out this means two weapon for you and 2 for your arfa and same for the accessories because your arfa's exp buff adds to yours and vice versa in fact if you want to go even farther you can give weapon and accessory chips to your party members for and extream boost in exp gain after you transfer your gear and accessories you might not be able to use the weapons just yet now this gives you 2 options go online to use behemoth to lvl up to the point you can use the weapons "don't keep doing behemoth the method we are doing w...

You are viewing only 33% of the whole content without any supporting materials like images/videos! This is 5 stars top secret about the game to be unlocked. Hope you can unlock it and help the author.

Points required to unlock: 150💎


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