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ffa tanky manual aim guide tdm kureha
[PvP] Manual Aim Tanky Kureha Guide

Kureha has a rocket launcher which will CC your enemy with Plasma Burst, which let you make some beautiful combo upon successful CC, and some skills in each weapons that will boost your stats a little in offense and defense.

She is overall very balanced fighter, in terms of all the aspects of offense, defense, support although her class says defense. She is not as tanky as Clarence or Eiji, and you may even get instance death against some skills of enemy characters even when your HP is around 75%, so you should learn how to dodge critical skills of enemies by playing lot.

This also means that you might be hard to get into any list of scoreboard after each match (most damage, most kill, most support and so on), because she is not expertise in anyone of these categories due to her hybridity, but she provides average capability in all of those types.

This guide focuses on switching auto/manual aim mode depending on the weapon you run. If you play on PlayStation system, you will need to swap a button for resurrections with a button for switching aim mode. With this setting change on PS4, when you swap the weapon, you can easily toggle auto aim mode on/off by pressing triangle button while being able to also move. For PC, it depends on your choice!

The Art of Fighting
Deneb Kaitos
Make sure you always use manual aim mode while using this weapon, plus also assume that the rocket launcher doesn't do good damages except Plasma Burst skill. Please note that pressing zoom mode as soon as you press a button for charging Plasma Burst will remove its charging animation which result you in faster load. If you fail to successfully land Plasma Burst, I recommend avoiding combat until plasma burst recharges by using shield matrix, or by throwing flashbang and grenades to wall and you move into it, or simply running away. However, if your enemy is not focusing on you, or your enemy has low health, or your enemy is using melee weapon, then you may want to quickly change to Draque L Harmattan to attack. In order to successfully land a Plasma Burst at better chance, you can use hit the ground strategy, but this will not damage as much as the same amount you hit straight. You will figure out the best landing strategy depending on the situation you have. If you jump, this makes huge action so your enemy will dodge immediately as they see you jumping if they are skilled, so it is not recommended to jump to land a plasma burst.

Once successful hit of Plasma Burst, fire a volley with rocket on enemy target in close distance if your enemy has really low health, or change to Draque L Harmattan and cast sliding shot. For shield matrix strategy, if your Shield Matrix hasn't been used yet, always use Shield Matrix to recover your HP when your HP has been damaged, although you were damaged only little. It is important to stop Shield Matrix right before its explosion and dodge (rolling on the ground) immediately after Shield Matrix finishes due to your enemy might attack you as soon as your Shield Matrix finishes. However, you will need to explode with Shield Matrix for several cases like your enemies resurrecting their allies.

Draque L Harmattan
Sadly this weapon won't perform as good as other offensive characters who have this kinds of guns. You only want to use it to make a combo with Deneb Kaitos's Plasma Burst unless your enemy has lower health than you, or your enemy uses sword whom you can actually make a good use of Tactical Roll and Omnia Vanitas. Use Tactical Roll to the location where your enemy is so that it will reload your weapon plus its animation will damage your enemy. Also use Omnia Vanitas appropriately to avoid enemies' skills, especially sword skills. If your enemy hits you with skill at exact time you perform Omnia Vanitas, you will only get very small damage like -75% reduced damage.

- Plasma Burst (hit from middle/far distance) > Weapon Swap > Sliding Shot > Fire a volley with Draque L Harmattan
Plasma Burst usually does good damage against non-tank classes and it will decrease enemy HP by 50% so that you will immediately need to change to Draque L Hamattan to finish your enemy up rather than continuously firing a volley with rocket that would likely hit or not hit from middle/far distance.
- Happy Trigger -> Plasma Burst (hit in close distance) > Fire a volley with Deneb Kaitos
With Happy Trigger buff, you can shot Deneb Kaitos without reloading. Although it can be useful against lower HP enemies, but don't do this against sword characters.

Kureha has many throwable gadgets. Using flashbang first is recommended, then grenades. You can use it on where team fight is going on, downed foe not to allow being resurrected, or resurrected enemy to kill immediately (you need to time grenade very well), or even wall when you have low HP and your enemy will very likely chase you shortly. For HP regeneration, if you already have this effect but you use it again, then you wasted it. Using HP regeneration while its effect is going on will not restart HP regeneration. You only use HP regeneration when its effect is gone.

- It is important to always keep yourself with Armor Form that reduces incoming damage, and HP regeneration gadget.
- Make sure you support allies whenever you can using Power/Guard Field Shot.
- Trigger Happy will allow you fire a volley of your Deneb Kratos without reloading.
- You can use Shield Matrix's explosion to prevent resurrecting downed enemy, or kill resurrected enemy immediately as soon as he woke up (you must time it very well. Start shield matrix about 1.5 seconds passed from the exact moment that an ally of downed enemy started resurrection).



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