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ffa tanky art manual aim skill online guide bullet loading instant tdm kureha fatal sword
[PvP] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kureha Guide

Kureha has a rocket launcher which will CC your enemy with Plasma Burst, which let you make some beautiful combo upon successful CC, and some skills in each weapons that will boost your stats a little in offense and defense.

She is overall very balanced fighter, in terms of all the aspects of offense, defense, support although her class says defense. She is not as tanky as Clarence or Eiji, and you may even get instance death against some skills of enemy characters even when your HP is around 75%, so you should learn how to dodge critical skills of enemies by playing lot.

This also means that you might be hard to get into any list of scoreboard after each match (most damage, most kill, most support and so on), because she is not expertise in anyone of these categories due to her hybridity, but she provides average capability in all of those types.

This guide focuses on switching auto/manual aim mode depending on the weapon you run so fast and instant skill loading techniques, that will make you expert in how to Kureha by just reading it, and also rocket launcher weapon type because it works in your own characters as well.

You are viewing only 33% of the whole content without any supporting materials like images/videos! This is 5 stars top secret about the game to be unlocked. Hope you can unlock it and help the author.

Points required to unlock: 150💎

[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]

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