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quinx impact tsunagi banned amp gt rinkaku build lt
[Quinx, Tsunagi & Rinkaku <Impact>] Banned Build
I doubt if there would be any updates, but if the game ever gets updated, this is the thing to be considered.

If you play CCG, you can use following build and strategy and I haven't seen yet who defeated this build in small scaled matches such as 1vs1 where players in each team is less than 4 people where it automatically allows CPU to be teleported to your location (or it can also be done without CPU if the pre-made team agreed to do, but haven't tested) :

Use Quinx and you equip Tsunagi + Rinkaku Impact. Both have temp 200% attack & 50% defense boost when ally healed. In PvP, you get medkit which is everywhere and heal ally then you get total 400% boost on attack and 100% on defense. This can go even more than 500%+ if you equip extra 100% and 75% attack damage skills.

When the effect is done or blinking (this shows below your HP bar), simply move to any end of the map then your CPU allies will be teleported automatically to your location (even while they fighting or being damaged, they will be teleported anyways). Heal any of them then just go fight again.

With this strategy you can always have 400% attack and 100% defense boost. You will see any enemy ghoul player will die by just 1~2 bullet of your gun or action skill, even though your enemy run custom ghoul which has multiple 70% hp+ and 20% defense boost skills, he will die by just 2~3 shots of your gun. In most cases against premade anime characters such as Kaneki, Touka, and all other characters run by CPU or player, they will just die by just 1~2 bullet or action skill, really easy just one shot them with rocket or nade type gun, and the OP effects goes permanenetly with above strategy.

I am sure this strategy can also be used without CPU if all players in a pre-made team have agreed to heal each other by sticking around.

Sure I do think that the duplication of 200% attack & 50% defense stat boosts should be removed, plus auto teleporting NPC in PvP.

Lastly this is just my personal opinion though (you can skip reading this part), Defense and HP become quite meaningless (especially defense) because of temp boost upon special  move combined with spe+300% and this is the problem. And also temp boost upon low health doesn't help that well. And the way that the score is calculated mostly just by damage or killing point, so this is another problem in a way that the game does provide build diversity that allows user to use their ideas with lots of weapons and skills, but score how it get calculated does not allow players to make builds other than just DPS builds. Maybe its better to change determining rank by winrate, also make some game modes that requires objective things such as capturing points (domination), capture the flag, moving a car by sticking around, and so on.
This actually shouldn't happen, based off of the games "Tips"
So if the devs realized that this stacks, they should end up patching it.  Undecided

[Image: EXqk-Otr-XQAA2-Ub6.jpg]
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain
Oh lol didn't realize they have put false info there.
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
(05-11-2020, 01:04 PM)Jotaku Wrote:  Oh lol didn't realize they have put false info there.
I found something that kinda scares me when i tested it:

If the player instead uses +20 Defense on ether Tsunagi and Rinkaku <Impact> they cannot take damage! Zero damage will be applied to the player for 30 seconds!!! When I applied 100 Attack damage, it took half of the A.I.'s health (not including the Tokyo Ghoul Characters) 

[Image: InnocentAnchoredFish-max-1mb.gif]
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain

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