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survey anime of general gaming result part1
Result of Anime Gaming Survey - Part1. Anime Gaming General
Hello, if you are a person who love anime gaming, this is an article you should read.
Here we reveal the result of the anime gaming survey. Questions are straight forward and they are asked in this community and several other anime game related communities. Not asked in only anime-related community.

Most of people answered that they like anime over anime games. Well, myself I voted to anime games. The reason being is, for myself, I met the field of anime with gaming first then anime/manga. I used to play some JRPG stuffs on old consoles and old PC stuffs. And now I just love to anime gaming on either visual novel or multiplayer, enjoying both competitive matches and dressing my anime characters for multiplayer games, or enjoying story for visual novel types of games.

What exactly are your points that you play anime games? Why do you even play except the reason that you are a fan of the anime game you play.

2nd result shows that anime games may not succeed without having its anime. But this becomes false statement due to that Genshin Impact become one of best PlayStation game (this survey was done before the release of Genshin Impact).

So Genshin Impact showed that it is possible to succeed that massively as an anime game.
So standalone anime games can succeed, which I liked in a point that anime games to have self-independent solution without anime/manga supports.

Most people chosen a "Most people only buy specific anime game that they are a fan of from its anime, so that market size of anime gaming industry will be always small." option. This is quite a thing that I actually feel as of now since I have been playing multiple anime games.

I will go deeper into it and it's about why cash grab like anime games can happen since some said about opinion section and even some discord servers I was in. 
If more people choose that option, it more likely results in one single conclusion: a fan of anime series can buy a game they are fan of, regarless of how it is made. So cash grab strategy works (tbh I don't think anime games are cash-grab level but I can agree that price is little higher).

To make it more irony, it also means that no matter how anime games are well made, there is a limitation of being successful games because fans of anime series that particular anime game is made for is already limited before the game development process. It cannot attract anime fans outside of that anime series.

To solve this:
Well-made standalone anime game without having its anime series publishes. Since it doesn't have anime series, it targets all anime fans like Genshin Impact and gets sold lot because it is just well-made.

But this is not possible because most anime game niche companies lacks in budget to make such great game. 
How we can help is just to circulate anime games until they gets some budget for making such standalone good anime game.
So it is important to support games listed in here by buying and circulating games by AEG Pro League or whatever.

This is my opinion. If you have any good idea, feel free to leave some comments. 
Part 2 will be about this gaming community.

Thanks for reading. Followings are the answers for the question: (Optional) Tell us anything you think about the state of anime games, or about AEG Anime Gaming Clan Community, or about anime game being an esports.

- Very glad they're organizing games for titles that have small player bases. However I'm not super involved in eSports or competitive gaming as a whole, so I mostly participate for fun.

- anime mmos need more love

- I don't feel much encouraged or enlightened on why we should even consider playing anime games cause most people don't even know such games existed Sad

- Most anime games that come to mind are quite low quality and poorly made eVen though they posses MASSIVE possibilities to create something truly wonderful

Like tokyo ghoul RE call to exist Not a bad game but imagine First person story driven open world Tokyo Ghoul game That would be Instant buy and would possibly make new fans for the seRies

And well Boku no hero academia and one punch man got fighting games poorly made It seems so Yeah even smaller market but they would work better In a different genre

- There's little to no effort put into many licensed games. They're usually just a quick cash-grab.

- anime games as esports is not possible at the moment. Most anime games do not have enough development time and not enough (good) devs because the companies do not have enough money (except publishers welp)

- The Anime Gaming playerbase is relatively small. Trying to get an active community from a small playerbase is already hard enough. And then you have to take into account like 95% players are gone within the first month of the games release. And then on top of that, most online anime games are repetitive postgame or online multiplayer and it gets stale quickly. And then you have to take into account the lower budget for a lot of these games, a lot of glitches can occur and screw up gameplay. And also due to that low budget, some titles don't ever recieve an update. All of these factors lead to huge player loss and a dead game. In order to allow the community to thrive, there needs to be active anime games, but there isn't any. And in order for the game to even start thriving in the first place, it needs to be HUGE or it needs a thriving community (like what you are trying to make). However, neither of these goals can be achieved without the other, so therefore neither of these goals CAN be achieved at the moment. It's an endless cycle. Like you know, you can recruit thousands of people and still not even get a full room on the most popular anime game right now. I saw you trying to get some streamers to host gameplay not too long ago, and whilst I think that's an interesting idea, it doesn't logically work because you said something along the lines of "guaranteed subs" or something. Now, this community is in no position to offer 'guaranteed' subs to people in the state it is in at the moment. So that is of no incentive to anybody. And even if that did take someones fancy, I doubt they will have a decent following to make any real difference to the community and vice-versa. I mean it just feels like a waiting game at the moment, we just need to wait until something huge drops and take advantage of it. Also I feel like there is a strong need to make the regular players more tightknit. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing and there is no 'community' feel to it aside from the lobby.

- I won't lie, as for the community. A bad experience awhile ago has made me fairly "Hands off" with it. As far as anime games. They've been rather "Low Quality" overall. Some have the potential to be fun, but there aren't enough players playing the game. Or there's just not enough content to keep one entertained for long periods of time. I honestly think anime and gaming can go hand in hand and create something perfect. If the MMOs available stop being such PaytoWin schemes or Gacha Games Anime Games could have a chance. The bought anime games are simply not. "Open" enough to allow for it since there's no developer thus far (To my knowledge) that has stuck with a game to make it great in all aspects.
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