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fifth submission art online bullet build contest pvp fatal sword
[PvP] sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest fifth Submission (Chip Mode ON)
Better response on post sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest fifth Submission (Chip Mode ON)this is my fifth submission to this build contest ill be posting guides after this this build will be a pvp build a guy i know from discord who goes by the name "OWO" gave me some weapon ideas for pvp and that is what lead to the creation of this build so big thanks to him this build utilizes the crimson roar a high power grenade launcher when picking this weapon i was told that it wipes the health of players even if they have 100% human defence so that combined with human defence would make you very strong in pvp so lets go over the smaller details shall we the first thing we will go over is the stats with out the accessories you should have {99 str} {250 vit} {231 int} {245 agi} {254 dex} {70 luc} but when you have the accessories you should have {167 str} {250 vit} {231 int} {313 agi} {254 dex} {138 luc} as for skills you will want (human fortress one so you can't be flinched or stuned) (hyper awarnes for the instant doge and invincibility) (gaurd and power field shot 4 for the attack and defence buffs) (skill freeze shot 4 to stop your opponent from using skills) (viral shot 4 to debuff your opponent's attack and defence ) (healing field shot 4 for the healing) and (shield matrix 4 for the healing,invulnability,and the aoe explosion) as for your gadgets i would advise you use (first aid kit 2 for the healing) (anti-ailment kit 2 for the immunity to status effects) (metamaterial camouflage to make you hard to see) and (flashbang to stun/blind your opponent) now that we have the stats,skills, and gadgets done lets move on to weapons for the weapon that will hold your buffs we will be using the 180mil bounty Procyon SL4+ its light weight has a low stat requirment and being by its the last bounty weapon the chips it has makes it pack a punch even though its just your buff weapon your main weapon is the Crimson Roar Type-3+ this grenade launcher when chiped for for maximum dps and with auto reload rate makes it a non stop dmg dealer with both the initial weapon's impact as well as the fire that it lays on the floor doing really good dmg the accesories will both have 50% human defence just for the added safety but will not be needed if you dont decide to use them i would advise using accessories that both add to your dps and make you tanky like using two accessories with the same chips as the beret at the bottom of the images the added dex and luc will increase your crit rate and crit dmg and the increased health will help make you more tanky and the recharge time will help with your skill cool down times  but you will have to sacrifice some stat points to make up for the lost str as you still need to be able to dual wield the crimson roar

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Looks like decent one and its description is very thorough! Thumb
I will be trying this build on upcoming summer pro league! and after that I will rate. Thank you very much for sharing us builds!
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